The Santa Experience


“How much longer?”

This is maybe the 127th time you’ve heard your child say that particular phrase in the last hour as they impatiently pull on your arm…your arm that is already weighed down by a diaper bag and a purse.  Your other hand holds the wet coats you dragged in from the car in the pouring rain that your 4 year old has informed you is too heavy for her to carry.

…and the line has moved 10 feet in the last half hour.

Several minutes pass, and you doze off as you lean against the stroller where your two year old sleeps, because you exerted all your energy last night getting the perfect outfits together for this once a year “magical experience.”

You can finally see the front of the line… after TWO. HOURS.

You reach for the brush to smooth out your oldest daughter’s hair after she had played hide and go seek in the clothing racks, but it isn’t there.  You left it on the counter at the house.  It’s okay… nothing a little saliva can’t fix.

When you get to the front of the line and you are moderately satisfied with the hair situation, you remind your sweet, patient 4 year old of the bribe you previously whispered to her so she would just be good a little longer (which you had to repeat every few minutes in the form of a threat.)

“Are you ready to get your picture taken with Santa?  You have to smile pretty so we can go get ice cream after, remember?”

It’s just then that she catches sight of the man in red.

Queue the Hysterical Crying.

You try to soothe her, but of course it’s nap time now, she’s hungry, her feet hurt, and cooperation just isn’t in the cards.  And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, the toddler wakes up and joins in.

But you’ve waited here in this line for 2 hours and it’s your turn.  You put your crying children on a terrified-looking Santa’s lap.  The teenage photographer, who learned everything he knows about photography from his phone, makes a half hearted attempted to get their attention, and…


You gather your children, trying to ignore that everyone is staring at you and that your children are acting as though sitting on Santa’s lap was the equivalent to taking a swim in a tub full of spiders.  You walk to the sales desk and view the photos.

Immediately, you notice that the baby’s diaper is showing where her dress came up and she’s missing a shoe, while the oldest one is red faced and crying with her hair looking like she’d rubbed a balloon on it.  But you just went through that nightmare, and gosh darn it, you are NOT going to do that again.

So, you spend $50 to get a copy of each, that is printed from a printer like you have at home.  It’s just then that your daughter asks,

“Mommy, was I good?  Can we go get ice cream now?”


I’m not going to lie, I’ve had moments like that with my children, where despite my best efforts, I end up disheartened and frustrated.  Santa is supposed to be a magical experience for your children, which is exactly why, this year, we are introducing an unforgettable experience with Santa that your children are sure to remember for years to come.

No lines.  No fuss.  No stress. Just Christmas magic, the way it should be.




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